MS Access database consulting


The full range of Access Database Consulting:

Programs created to your specifications   

The reports you want from the data you need to manage

Database design
VBA Programming


We are also experts in data recovery

We can advance old/problematic systems

Experts in data integration ( data to and from Oracle, SQL Server, MYSQL, Excel)

Experts in speeding up Access programs. Making Access work/better on local networks


Inventory * Form Printing* Accounting * Financial * Scientific * Work Flow Automation


How are we consultants and not just programmers ? We see the data and the program as part of your business. We will understand and work to advance your business. We can advise on the entire process – the WHOLE – range of activates involved in computer data:

1) Analysis as to the benefits/cost of a data project

2) Recommendations as to the technology to use and then:

3) The design of the data infrastructure , from the servers and computers to the network they are on to:

4) The design of the database tables: these are the foundations of the whole project and must be well built to efficiently support the data input and reporting.

5) We are 20 year experts in both data design and front end programming, that is the design of data entry forms and the menu systems around them. We are also experts on:

6) Reporting: we have written probably thousands of reports, both “by hand’ in code and using various report writing programs.

We will go onsite anywhere in the world. When "outsourced" starts to mean "out of touch" we can come to you. This is part of what we mean by "Access database consulting"


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